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    Overvoltage (surge) protection components for electronic devices

    ALDERS offers your various different overvoltage (surge) protection components from the US-American manufacturer World Products Inc.. With these components you protect your electronic devices reliably from high overvoltages (surges).

    We supply gas discharge tubes, thyristors, TVS diodes and varistors by WPI. The manufacturer’s overvoltage protection components all confirm RoHs. RoHs (“Reduction of Certain Hazardous Substances”) is an EU directive to limit hazardous substances. That means that during the production process at WPI no or only a limited amount of hazardous substances are used that are below the thresholds that are harmful to health and the environmentally.

    Since 1970, the World Products Inc. offers environmentally-friendly and well-engineered and sophisticated solutions in the highest quality for electronic devices. With its range of products, the company focuses, above all on the main markets automotive, telecommunications, industry, energy supply and voltage protection.

    You can rely on the many years of experience of the manufacturer when it comes to overvoltage protection components. At ALDERS we are convinced of the high quality and reliability of components by World Products Inc.

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    The appropriate overvoltage protection components for every application

    The protection of electronic modules in aviation, aerospace, military and naval application and also in industry is very important. Damage due to a surge causes costs that you can avoid with the appropriate overvoltage protection components. Such overvoltages (surges) are not only caused by lightning strikes, but also by inductive decoupling from other electric devices.

    We supply thyristors, amongst other things. These are semiconductor components that are made up of four or more semiconductor layers with alternating doping. In the initial state these overvoltage components are insulating. When the thyristor is switched on it remains conductive until the holding current is not reached. A thyristor protects by limiting the voltages and power surges outside the sensitive electric circuits. The thyristors by WPI are designed for telecommunication applications, such as Linecards, Modems, PBX, FAX, LAN and VHDSL.

    In addition to thyristors, we also offer different varistors WPI. These are divided into radially wired components and overvoltage components for thermal overloads. Varistors do not depend on the voltage and are non-linear and behave like a back-to-back Zener diode. The advantage is that it covers a broad voltage range, a high-energy absorption capacity and react quickly to voltage peaks.

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    Put your trust in our expertise regarding overvoltage protection components

    Varistors are mainly made of zinc oxide to which other metal oxides are added. Suppressor diodes, also known as TVS diodes, are available as bidirectional and unidirectional components. The diodes become conductive when a voltage wave is exceeded in an electronic circuit. This has the effect that electricity is led passed a parallel circuit on the component. These overvoltage protection components protect all MOS-based components with their fast response and low voltage properties. They are the optimum choice to protect computers, data processor circuits, electricity supplies, airplanes, numerically controlled machines and telecommunication circuits.

    At ALDERS, we have been suppliers of high-quality electromechanic components for electronic engineering, electronics and electrodynamics for over 30 years. So you can rely on our experience and expertise. Our customers come mainly from the areas of construction and agricultural machine technology, aviation, military, naval and medical technology. We aspire to recognise technological developments early on and offer the appropriate solutions. So that we can do so we have set up a broad network of sales partners that are highly regarded throughout the world.

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    At ALDERS we have a competent partner for every area of application. You can be sure that we will always answer your questions, requirements and wishes precisely. Quality, feasibility and the consideration of economic efficiency in your interest are always taken into account.

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