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    Sealing boots for switches and pushbuttons for many different application areas

    At ALDERS we supply sealing boots for different switches and pushbuttons including aviation and military applications. From experience and as a sales partner we rely on the sealing boots by APM HEXSEAL.

    Switches and pushbuttons are often exposed to a much higher load that you would at first think. However, depending on the area of application it can happen that the switches and pushbuttons are exposed to, for example, water high humidity, acid, dust or other soiling. Then it is recommended that these are protected by special sealing boots.

    You can purchase the protective sealing boots for switches and pushbuttons to protect against:

    • water and moisture
    • acid
    • dirt
    • dust

    We have sealing boots in various colours and sizes in our product range

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    Sealing boots to extend the service life of electromechanic components

    Our premium partner APM HEXSEAL is the specialist for high-pressure sealing boots that are also used as protection for toggle switches, pushbutton switches, rocker switches, rotary potentiometers and safety devices. The manufacturer was founded in 1947 in the USA and has successfully produced protection production for electronic components. APM HEXSEAL cooperates manly with the American armed forces, because the components are exposed to extreme conditions, such as soiling especially in this area. We supply this manufacturer’s sealing boots because the products demonstrate quality and reliability and we want to offer you only the best and most reliable products.

    If your products are used in areas where electromechanic components, such as switches and pushbuttons function under extreme conditions then sealing boots from our premium partner are precisely the right choice. This means safety without compromise for these components since the sealing boots for switches and pushbuttons were developed to extend the service life of electromechanic components. The sealing boots are designed for the standard MIL-B-5433, so that they are perfectly suited for application areas of aviation, measuring technology, communication technology, construction, naval, medical and industry technology.

    If you want to protect your switches from dust, dirt, acids, water or environmental influences, APM Hexseal offers an optimal solution.

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    Put you trust in APM HEXSEAL and ALDERS for sealing boots for switches and pushbuttons

    At ALDERS we specialise in supplying electromechanic components. Our customers come from all kinds of application fields, in which very high loads prevail on the components of machines and control elements. These application fields include the construction and agricultural machine technology, aviation, military technology, naval technology, motor sport and medical technology. The protection of the switches and pushbuttons with sealing boots is very important in all these areas, but especially in aviation, the military, motor sport and medical technology. The electromechanic components we offer have already a very long service life, however, this can be additionally extended with the sealing boots by APM HEXSEAL.

    We know our sales partners’ products very well and so we also know which additional protection are most suitable. Put your trust in our expertise that we have gained over more than 30 years in the business. In all those years we also set up a broad network of sales partners, which also include our premium partner APM HEXSEAL. We maintain trusting business relationships with all our partners, but especially with our premium partners, since trust, reliability and quality are particularly important to us. The special business relationship with the manufacturers means that we are able to provide you with competent advice on the electromechanic components and their protection.

    If you have a question regarding the sealing boots or would like some competent advice on our products, simply give us a call or send us an email – at ALDERS we look forward to your enquiry!

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