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    Rocker switches for machines and vehicles

    Rocker switches are known above all as light switches that are in every household. In contrast, at ALDERS we offer our customers special versions of this switch by OTTO Controls and NKK Switches for machines and vehicles that can, for example, be used for installation in control grips. An electric circuit can be switched on or off using a rocker switch, or the circuit can be changed. We have a large range of different rocker switches available, so that you always find the rocker switch that you require for your application.

    At ALDERS you can be certain that you receive absolutely high-grade electromechnical components at a fair price.

    At ALDERS you can, for example buy switches with the following features:

    • extremely robust rocker switches
    • momentary or maintained action version
    • various button colours
    • illuminated switches (LED)
    • angled terminals
    • two-pole versions

    Additionally, the rocker switches can be individually printed. This assists the user when operating a switching panel.

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    Rocker switches from the renowned brand manufacturers OTTO Controls and NKK Switches

    For rocker switches we at ALDERS rely on the precision switches by OTTO Controls and NKK Switches where the high quality is assured. The rocker switches of the K-series by OTTO Controls are very robust and effective and therefore ideal for the conditions in the naval industry, industrial control applications or also for off-road vehicles. In addition, they withstand many thousands switching operations and they comply with the protection category IP68, so that the rocker switches are extremely watertight. It is possible to equip the switches with illumination in, for example green and red to make it easier to distinguish the switching processes. It is also possible to print appropriate lettering on them. The snap-in function means that the switches can be integrated into an existing panel easier and faster. Also NKK Switches offer high-grade rocker switches that enable almost limitless configurations due to the different sizes, gradings and connections. The Japanese company produces switches in ultra, micro and standard sizes. Some of the rocker switches by NKK Switches can likewise be illuminated. So if you require rocker switches for your vehicles or machines, look no further. You will find the suitable switch for every application in our product range.

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    rockers by OTTO Controls:
    Daniel Jennen
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    Highest quality rocker switches by ALDERS and its premium partners

    At ALDERS we are the official sales partner of OTTO Controls and NKK Switches, that are among our premium partners likes many other companies. Together with these manufacturers we have set up a broad network. OTTO Controls is one of our long-standing sales partners that have been loyal business counterparts since ALDERS was founded. We also have trusting relationships with our other partners, because we place great importance in traditional values. This means that we know the production method and the different switches, pushbuttons and controls very well and can perform modifications ourselves. So that you always receive rocker switches and other products that are tailored precisely to your needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the areas electrical engineering and electromechanics for the application areas aviation, aerospace, naval technology, medical technology as well as agricultural and construction machinery. We know exactly what requirements these applications place on mechanical components and so are best equipped to provide you with sound expert advice. Feel free to contact us with all your questions regarding rocker switches and also all our other products. You may either telephone us or send us an email. At ALDERS we are there for you and take as mush time as is necessary to ensure that you receive precisely the right product for your area of application. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Your expert for
    rockers by NKK Switches:
    Daniel Jennen
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    At ALDERS we have a competent partner for every area of application. You can be sure that we will always answer your questions, requirements and wishes precisely. Quality, feasibility and the consideration of economic efficiency in your interest are always taken into account.

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