Nissha FIS Inc. Capteur de gaz SB-96-00 pour LPG (Propane, butane)/CO

The SB-96 is a tin dioxide
semiconductor gas sensor which has
an excellent performance in detecting
both CO and iso-butane/propane
selectively with single sensor element.
This unique feature was realized by
using a mini-bead type sensing
element with a periodic temperature
changing operation method.


Usage:Home gas leak detector/Industrial leak detector

Target gas LPG(Propane, butane)、CO
Description A sensor that can selectively detect propane and CO only with one sensor element
Sensing principal Semiconductor type
Standard operating condition Heater voltage/DC 0.9V x 5sec. + DC 0.2V x 20sec.
Circuit voltage/less than DC 5V
Power consumption Average:34mW
Filter Silica filter
Size φ9.7 x 15.7mm
Weight 1.1g

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