Nissha FIS Inc. Capteur de gaz SB-30-04 pour éthanol/VOC/Mauvaise haleine

The SB-30-04 is a tin dioxide semiconductor gas sensor which has a high sensitivity to alcohol with quick response speed. This model is suitable for alcohol detection such as portable breath alcohol checker or ignition locking system in automobiles.


Usage:Alcohol checker

Target gas VOC、Breath gas
Description Sensor that is highly stable after power-on and highly sensitive to alcohol and various VOCs. Suitable for intermittent operation products.
Sensing principal Semiconductor type
Standard operating condition Heater voltage/DC 0.9V ± 5% Circuit voltage/less than DC 5V
Power consumption 120mW
Filter Not included
Size φ7.6 x 13.4mm
Weight 0.6g

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