Nissha FIS Inc. module capteur de gaz FIS3001-00NC-03/50 pour LPG (Propane, Butane) / carbon monoxide (CO)

FIS3021-00**-03/20 gas sensor module is a product that incorporates a semiconductor gas sensor into the control circuit. The drive control of gas sensor and output signal processing are performed by the microcomputer program.


  • High quality and high reliability: The mounted semiconductor SB-type gas sensor developed by our company features high sensitivity, quick response, and excellent durability.
  • No need for calibration: The calibration with detection gas is already carried out at our factory. Therefore, you can use it as soon as the module is delivered to you
  • Easy installation in your device: Our module is compact, lightweight, and easy to take out the output signal. You can incorporate our module into your device easily
  • Can be used under severe environment/condition: You can choose module with or without case. Module with case has water-proof function, so that you can use under severe environment e.g. outside, inside of refrigerator etc.
  • Various output specifications:
    • Alarm output:1 or 2 point(s) can be set
    • Concentration output is included within serial signal
    • Malfunction output:Sensor failure, circuit failure, various gas or silicone poisoning can be detected.


Usage:Home gas leak detector
Target gas:LPG(Propane, butane)/CO
Target gas LPG(Propane, butane)、CO
Description Gas calibrated module (mounted SB-96) without waterproof case. No concentration output.
Sensing principal of mounted gas sensor Semiconductor type
Measurement range Isobutane 0, 0.03-1 %
CO 0, 30-1000 ppm
Power supply DC5V ± 5%
Current consumption Average current consumption 35mA
Signal output Alarm output
Waterproof case Not included
Size 28 x 41 x 20 (H) mm
Weight 5g

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