Nissha FIS Inc. Gassensor SP-15A-00 für LPG (Propan, Butan)

The SP-15A is a tin dioxide semiconductor gas sensor which has a high sensitivity and excellent selectivity in propane/ butane detection. The SP-15A has also a significant feature in good stability after exposure to silicone compounds. Using the SP-15A, the most reliable LPGas leak detection can be achieved


Usage:Home gas leak detector

Target gas LPG(Propane, butane)
Description Sensor with high selectivity to propane. Circuit design is easier than SB- series.
Sensing principal Semiconductor type
Standard operating condition Heater voltage/DC 5.0V ± 4% Circuit voltage/less than DC 5V
Power consumption 400mW
Filter Not included
Size φ17.0 x 16.5mm
Weight 1.75g

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