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HTLT and HTLT4 mini joysticks

The mini joysticks of the HTLT series belong to the OTTO Controls range. They are available as HTLT2 and HTLT4 models – in this case the number indicates the amount of available axis-ways in which the joystick can be operated. Compared to the HTL series, the HTLT series requires only one sensor per axis. The mini-joysticks are used in industry, medicine, for remote control of vehicles, and in off-highway industries. They have a service life of three million cycles and are therefore extremely robust.

Both the HTLT2 and the HTLT4 make use of the Hall effect and are available in a number of different configurations, which are distinguished by the installation variant, output options, and the built-in tactile switches. The electronic components are waterproof to IP68S standard, and a housing seal is also available as an option.

Unlike the rigid 2-axis mini joystick HTLT2, the HTLT4 mini joystick also has various self-centering control options: an omnidirectional square on axis guided feel, an omnidirectional round smooth feel, a gated single axis return to center, and a joystick without any guided control.