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Keylock switches to protect against unauthorised activation

A keylock switch is a switch that can only be activated with the corresponding keylock. They are used, for example, as additional security for heavy machinery, or to open and close gates and doors. They are also useful to protect against vandalism for publicly accessible switching systems, such as elevators. You can find a wide variety of different keylock switches in our range that will suit your project.

For example, we stock keylock switches with the following features:

  • keylock switches with different thread sizes
  • keylock switches in various designs
  • keylock switches with up to five positions

We rely on the quality keylock switches by NKK Switches so that you receive a product that will not let you down. And it is not only the quality, but also the price-performance ratio of the manufacturer’s products that is convincing.

Should you be interested in keylock switches or have any questions, please telephone or email the contact person, whose details you can find on this page in the blue box.

Keylock switches from our premium partner NKK Switches

A keylock switch is an electric switch that includes a lock for safety purposes. This way the switching process can only be performed by authorised persons with the corresponding keylock. When the keylock is turned in the switch a certain impulse is triggered. Used in elevators, for example, certain floors can be selected. They can, however, also be used to switch on an electric circuit or operate potentially hazardous machines safely. There are also many other applications for this kind of switch. At ALDERS we bring to market keylock switches by NKK Switches, because these convince with their outstanding quality and high reliability. At ALDERS you can chose between the SK and the CK series by NKK Switches. The keylock switches of both series are very robust and have a very low contact resistance in the milli-ohm range. They also last for a long service life of 30,000 switching operations. Another advantage of the CK series is the self-cleaning sliding contact that additionally ensures high reliability and a long service life.

Daniel Jennen

Your expert for
key switches by NKK Switches:

Daniel Jennen +49 2152 8955-210
NKK Switches Schlüsselschalter CK Serie alders

NKK Switches Key switch CK series

  • 16mm or 19mm thread available
  • Various key designs available
NKK Switches Schlüsselschalter SK Serie alders

NKK Switches Key switch SK series

  • Up to 5 positions possible
  • Additional keys available separately

Keylock switches: Put your trust in our expertise

At ALDERS we bring to the market electromechanic products for customers from diverse branches. There is, however, one thing all these various areas of application have in common – the mechanic components, such as keylock switches, pushbuttons or control units must all withstand high loads. That is why quality and reliability have top priority when we at ALDERS select the manufacturer. So we have set up a broad network of sales partners, some of which we view as our premium partners. NKK Switches is one of these premium partners that enjoy particular trust with us. The company has an outstanding reputation worldwide and has over 65 years of experience in manufacturing switches, pushbuttons and control units. In addition to quality and reliability, we also place great importance on traditional values and trust. That is why we maintain – especially with our premium partners – a trusting and close business relationship. That also means that we know the products, such as the keylock switches by NKK Switches very well. So we are in a position to advise you competently and also perform individual modifications ourselves. Put your trust in ALDERS’s over 30 years of experience in the field of electromechanic components and in the quality of the keylock switches by NKK Switches.