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Ball Indicator / Flag Indicator

Ball Indicator

L-3 Indicator

  • Electromagnetic latching display
  • Electrical or manual reset
  • Pulse operated
  • High visibility
  • Low power
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Rugged packaging
  • Custom design
  • Commercial & MIL-PRF-83287


When the indicator coil is energized with a 40 millisecond (or longer) pulse, the highly visible, two color display ball spins 180° and latches to the magnetic core. The displayed ball will remain magnetically latched to the core in the position last pulsed. Even if the fault signal is removed, the indicator will “remember” that a fault has occurred. Return to “No-fault” color is accomplished electrically. Model BHG (single coil) is reset by reversing polarity of input signal to the coil. Model BHGD (dual coil) is reset by pulsing a separate internal coil. Optional features include insulated lead wire termination, special lenses (radius dome, cylindrical, non-glare), O-ring panel seal, internally mounted diodes and RFI panel shield.