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Aviation handles

OTTO Controls Steuergriff Luftfahrt- und Militärische Applikationen alders

OTTO Controls G2 – Helicopter Cyclic & Collective Grip

  • Grips have thin-wall, investment cast aluminum construction for high strength & low weight
  • Modular construction
  • Custom heads & switch mounting plates can be fabricated to fit standard handles
  • Available with switch access panel for easy repair & maintenance
  • A variety of button colors & style options available
  • Transducer & electromechanical trim switch options
OTTO Controls Steuergriff G2 Commander Grip mit optionalem USB alders

OTTO Controls grip G2 commander

  • USB output option
  • Standard design eliminates the need for tooling charges
  • Available as a fixed grip or can be mounted on an OTTO Hall effect joystick
  • Various mounting & termination options available
  • Nine standard faceplate configurations that include OTTO’s T3, T4 and T5 toggle switches, P4, P7 and P9 pushbutton switches, K1 rocker switches, SPT split trim switches, J2 transducer switches, FG flip guards, and HTWM, HTL and HTLT Hall effect switches
  • Thousands of custom faceplate configurations possible that can accommodate virtually all OTTO pushbutton, rocker, toggle, trim, transducer and thumbwheel switches
  • Operator presence and trigger options
  • Tested to withstand a 265 lb. load
  • Grip sealed to IP68S (subject to change based on switch choice)
OTTO Controls Handfernsteuerungen (kabelgebunden) alders

OTTO Controls dual grip G3 commercial

  • Standard USB interface
  • Discrete R532 and ethernet options
  • Readily available options include HTL series and P7/P9 switches
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Excellent proportional control
  • Switches sealed to IP68S
  • RoHS compliant