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Equipment for medical technology at ALDERS

Microswitches, self-sealing screws and further components of the highest quality

The highest precision is indispensible in medical technology. Already the smallest error in the functionality of medical devices and instruments can have serious consequences for patients. For this reason, we provide exclusively components that offer high safety and excellent quality. Our product portfolio for medical technology includes, for example, switches, rotary potentiometers, inductive components and self-sealing screws that satisfy the high demands of the branch. These components stand for precision and durability. Knobs and switches from our portfolio are still operational even after millions of switching operations and precision parts, such as coils, chokes or potentiometers, enable the precise functionality of your instruments.

Our network of premium partners provides you with access to products of the highest quality. We maintain long-term, cooperations with suppliers, such as for example OTTO Controls, GT Joysticks AG, APM Hexseal or Cambion. All of these companies offer exceptional components for medical technology. Put your trust in our expertise and the experience from almost 30 years company history.

Rotary potentiometers, switches and joysticks – our range for medical technology

Systems and devices for patient care and treatment

We offer reliable components to produce high-grade medical technology. Our overvoltage protection components come from the company World Products Inc. and conform with RoHs (Reduction of certain Hazardous Substances). We rely on the proven quality and precision of microswitches, joysticks and other control elements by OTTO Controls, or GT Joysticks AG. The keyboards we offer are outstanding solutions by CTI Electronics. Cambion supplies us with inductive components and also coils and chokes that are used in EMV filters (electromagnetic compatibility). This kind of device is particularly in medical technology is indispensible, since they ensure the failure-free functioning of pacemakers and other devices. Our premium partner APM Hexseal supplies us with self-sealing screws and nuts. These products with integrated O-rings prevent fluids and gases from penetrating sensitive devices, which is essential in medical technology with regard to safety and functionality.

We have experts for every product category that are there to advise you. We exchange information directly with our premium partners and arrange the production of small series customised especially for you, should the offered solutions not be suitable. Take of advantage of our comprehensive advisory service. We provide the components you need.