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Pushbuttons with programmable display in the product range of ALDERS

The VIVISUN pushbutton switches by Applied Avionics are used in very many military and civilian aviation and aerospace applications. Applied Avionics is an exclusive manufacturer for illuminated and waterproof pushbuttons switches and programmable displays. The products are tested according to the standard MIL-PRF-22885 and are MIL-SPEC qualified. Additionally, the majority of products in the VIVISUN-LED line comply with DO-160. VIVISUN pushbutton switches are developed for use in direct sunlight and under NVIS conditions.

The pushbutton switches with display are available, for example, with the following features:

  • waterproof versions
  • models that are also easily readable in sunlight
  • displays with about 150 degree viewing angle
  • displays with up to 35 brightness levels
  • many of the VIVISUN pushbutton switches are compatible with NVIS

Waterproof pushbutton switches from our partner Applied Avionics

We supply different pushbutton switches from the manufacturer Applied Avionics that are also suitable for military applications. Our range of pushbutton switches includes, for example, the VIVISUN-5000 series, which sets new standards in the performance of military machines and vehicles. These switches are the first with an electronic optical display that is compatible with NVIS a readable in strong sunlight. The system of pushbutton switches with display by Applied Avionics has a variety of functions and permits practically unlimited possibilities in alphanumeric and graphic presentation. In addition, different captions can be shown on a single display at different times. The VIVISUN-5000 series consists of four programmable, multi-functional and waterproof pushbutton switches that have dot matrix displays with 560 LED pixels. The captions are programmed using a host computer and transmitted to the VIVISUN pushbutton switches that guide the user through a series of events, which are confirmed by activating the switch. A further VIVISUN pushbutton switch is the LR3 that permits the presentation of four different messages on one display. Each message can be displayed in a different colour. The correct reading of the switches and its functions are particularly important in civil and military aviation and all other application fields. That is why the VIVISUN pushbutton switches are readable in sunlight and are also compatible with night vision.

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VIVISUN pushbutton switch: At ALDERS we offer you the highest quality switches and pushbuttons

At ALDERS we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of electromechanic components for aviation and aerospace, military technology or construction and agricultural machine technology. We have been supplying high-grade switches, pushbuttons and control grips from renowned brand manufacturers for these and other application areas since1987. In addition, we have set up a broad network of sales and premium partners with whom we maintain a trusting business relationship. That is why we know the products of our sales partners really well and can perform individual modifications ourselves. One of our sales partners is Applied Avionics that has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing pushbutton switches with displays for military applications. The company is also the manufacturer of the VIVISUN pushbutton switches. Additionally, as a family-run business we value qualities such as trust and reliability. We offer you the best quality with all products and tops service. And you also benefit from our short delivery times. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding the VIVISUN pushbutton switches and other products or our premium partners. Either email or telephone us. At ALDERS we are there for you!