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Our Partners

The variety of our qualified and experienced partners provides us with a widest product range of switches, gaskets, joysticks, Rotary and many more. Each individual is specialized in his area and ensure safety and many years of warranty. The following list represents our manufacturers and their production before more accurate.

Premium partners

Logo OTTO Controls
OTTO Controls is responsible for the development and production of high-grade switches and operating elements for demanding applications.
Logo NKK Switches
NKK Switches is one of the leading companies in the area of development of innovative switch products, with the solutions in audio, broadcasting and transport areas as well as in industrial, medical and energy applications.
Logo APM Hexseal
One of our most valued partners. APM´s sealing solutions are designed by official standards and offer very high protection.
Logo Cambion
Wearnes Cambion is an established partner of high-performance, electromechanic and inductive components, which meet the requirements of the military and commercial as well as the aviation and aerospace markets.
Logo World Products Inc.
World Products Inc. is the specialist for antenna technology and electromechanic components. The overvoltage protection components are a company-own production line from Sonoma, California.

Sales partners

Logo Altmann
ALTMANN GmbH is an expert in potentiometers, displacement sensors and angle sensors. The traditional company develops and manufactures its own company in Herford.
L3 Harris Technologies Inc.
Logo L3Harris
L3 Harris Technolgies Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of operating hour and event counters as well as optical and mechanical indicators for the aviation and military industries.
Genge & Thoma AG
Logo Genge und Thoma
The Genge & Thoma AG develops and produces since 1958 high quality distance and angle measuring instruments as well as compact and precise joystick for various industrial applications. The Genge & Thoma AG offers an innovative range of products and a wide range of services to solve customer problems.
Logo CTI
The CTI Electronics Corporation is a company domiciled in in Stratford, Connecticut, which entered into the world of electromechanic components with the invention of the "Industrial Mouse™".
CTS Electrocomponents
Logo CTS
CTS offers platform-based technical components and modules. Being a trusted and reliable partner they are able to customize their products to fit the customer´s needs.
EHC Knobs
EHC Logo
Our partner Electronic Hardware Corporation manufactures highly versatile knobs that consist of aluminium, stainless steel, or synthetic material. These control elements feature a very high quality and standard.
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