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FNR switches with Hall Effect sensor for a long life time

To control vehicles and machines you can purchase high-grade FNR switches from the manufacturer OTTO Controls at ALDERS. These are characterised by high-quality processing and a long life time. In order to operate this switch also in poor light conditions, it is also possible to opt for an illuminated version. The FNR switches function using the so-called Hall effect and this enables precise control for up to three million cycles.

At ALDERS we supply direction switches with these functions:

  • background lighting 2 Volt to 24 Volt
  • up to three million cycles possible

As usual, you benefit from our broad range of services and consulting solutions, as well as from our favourable prices and short delivery times.

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FNR switches for operating machines in different areas of application

FNR switches are used in applications of agricultural machine technology, conveyor technology in mechanical engineering, in equipment for the building trade and for passenger transportation. We rely on FNR switches by OTTO Controls since precision and safety have the highest priority in these areas. This manufacturer’s FNR switches are compact, very robust and reliable. The switches have three positions (Forward, Neutral, Reverse) and ensure great operating comfort. A slight movement is sufficient to change the direction of a machine. There is no mechanical wear due to the contactless signal transfer of the Hall effect sensor. That guarantees a long service life of the switches. The direction switches by OTTO Controls have the protection category IP68S. This indicates how high the resistance of the switch housing is against penetration by foreign objects and fluids. The first figure provides information on the resistance against dirt particles. With the number 6 the direction switches meet the highest safety category, which means that they are protected against dust in damaging quantities. The second figure refers to the waterproofness of the housing and this is, with the figure 8, likewise in the highest safety range. This means that the switches even withstand being often submerged in water without any trouble.

Daniel Jennen

Your expert for
F-N-R switches by OTTO Controls:

Daniel Jennen +49 2152 8955-210
OTTO Controls Wippschalter K1 Serie Alders

OTTO Controls rocker switch K1 series snap-in

  • Withstands direct water spray
  • Sealed to IP68S and IP69K
  • Fits industry standard panel openings for drop-in replacement of panel sealed & unsealed switches
  • Snap-in feature accommodates a wide range of panel cutouts
  • Switches up to 16 amps
  • UV & solvent resistant
  • Withstands extreme shock & vibration
  • Custom legends available
  • 2 & 3-position, momentary & maintained action
  • Incandescent, LED & neon illumination with independent & dependent light source options
  • UL recognized & CSA certified
  • Ignition protected
  • RoHS compliant

OTTO Controls rocker switch FNR K1S series snap-in

  • Shorter behind panel depth
  • High cycle life, 1 Million cycles
  • Maintained action
  • Single or double pole, ON-ON-ON triple throw switch
  • Switch contacts sealed to IP68S (Panel Sealed to IP68S with optional rubber boot for standard rocker only)
  • Logic level only
  • 2 sizes of rocker styles, standard and large
  • 2 termination types, connector and wire leads
  • Choose from 73 standard legends per SAE or create your own
  • RoHS compliant
  • FNR
OTTO Controls Wippschalter Fahrtrichtungsschalter F-N-R 1002 1004 1006 alders

OTTO Controls 3-position rocker switch FNR 1006

  • Mechanical life of 1 million cycles
  • Robust
  • Ideal for control handles
  • Without wiring
  • Triple throw
  • FNR
OTTO Controls Wippschalter Fahrtrichtungsschalter F-N-R 1002 1004 1006 alders

OTTO Controls 3-position rocker switch FNR 1004

  • Mechanical life of 1 millon cycles
  • Robust
  • Ideal for control handles
  • Without wiring
  • Double throw
  • FNR
OTTO Controls Wippschalter Fahrtrichtungsschalter F-N-R 1002 1004 1006 alders

OTTO Controls 3-position rocker switch FNR 1002

  • Mechanical life of 1 million cycles
  • Robust
  • Ideal for control handles
  • With wiring
  • Triple throw
  • FNR

Direction switches: Reliability and quality from our premium partner

The manufacturer OTTO Controls from Carpentersville, Illinois in the USA is well known for its durable and innovative products and also for its qualitative performance. The company enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. For more than 50 years, it has been producing precision switches and control grips that withstand several million switching operations. OTTO Controls is one of our premium partners and at our side since ALDERS was founded. Tradition values are important to us and that is why we maintain a trusting business relationship with OTTO Controls and all our other sales partners. This has the advantage that we know the production methods and components of the manufacturers very well. In turn, this means that we can advise you on direction switches and other switches competently. We are also able to perform individual requested modifications ourselves. At ALDERS we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of electromechanic components. We supply these for the areas of application of aviation and aerospace, agricultural machine and construction technology as well as military and naval technology. So you too can put your trust in our expertise and the high-grade directional switches by OTTO Controls. Contact our experts, should you have questions on the products. You will find their contact details directly here on the page. At ALDERS we are your supplier for high-grade components for electronic engineering and electromechanics!