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Components for construction and agricultural machinery at ALDERS

Trackballs, rocker switches and many other components for demanding applications

Dirt, moisture, dust and strong vibrations are strains which electromechanical components are exposed to on a daily basis in construction and agricultural machinery. ALDERS offers reliable rocker switches, potentiometers or self-sealing screws that fully meet these requirements. The service life and load-bearing capacity of the components used is particularly important. Large machines that work through adverse and impassable terrain are exposed to shocks, vibrations or heavy soiling. The products in our range therefore stand for the highest quality and longevity.

Rely on the accessories of our long-term partners. We offer you electromechanical components from first-class suppliers such as NKK Switches or OTTO Controls. For the operation of heavy agricultural machinery and vehicles in construction or industry, these companies manufacture precise and durable switches, joysticks or trackballs. Especially with such large devices, it is all the more important to ensure precise and safe control. The operating elements of these companies have proven to be particularly sturdy to external influences such as water or dirt. Get an insight into our extensive offer and let our expert team advise you.

Potentiometers, joysticks, and rocker switches – this and much more in our range for construction and agricultural machinery

Reliable machines for perfect results

Agriculture makes an important contribution to the availability of food. The daily demands on machines and equipment are correspondingly high. Without technical support, a complete supply of food would be inconceivable. That is why we rely on the expertise of our sales partners. Companies such as GT Joysticks AG or CTS Electrocomponents manufacture potentiometers of the highest accuracy. These components are important when it comes to precisely regulating control elements.

ALDERS can already look back on 30 years of company history. You can benefit from our experience. We know the requirements placed on electromechanical components for construction and agricultural machinery. Whether you need control elements, such as joysticks or various switches and buttons, self-sealing screws and sensors, our sales network is broadly varied and offers you an appropriate solution. Our partners’ products are successfully used on construction sites, in agriculture and forestry or in industry. All areas where durability and reliability are of great importance. You can therefore rely on the components of our premium partners, which can withstand even the most adverse conditions, such as shocks, vibrations, moisture and other climatic conditions. If you have any questions about a specific product line, please contact our team. We have a suitable contact person for you for every industry, who will help you with his expertise.