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Components for electromechanics in automotive engineering

Sealing caps, control handles and joysticks as well as push-buttons for highest demands

ALDERS offers you a wide range of electromechanical components for automotive engineering. Our products are used in commercial vehicles, buses, mobile homes and electric vehicles. In addition, electronic assemblies, hydraulic tail lifts as well as tipper bodies and interchangeable systems are potential areas of application. We primarily serve customers from the construction and agricultural machinery sectors. In our product range you will find rocker switches, joysticks, buttons, potentiometers and self-sealing screws for these purposes. Especially for commercially used vehicles, reliability is the top priority. Smooth work processes are significantly determined by the technology used. It goes without saying that the quality of the instruments and electromechanical components is also of utmost importance for all other vehicles.

High-quality components from our sales partners are particularly durable and provide safety in the daily handling of vehicles. Tradition and trust play an important role for us at ALDERS. This is why we maintain long-term business relationships with our partner companies. These include OTTO Controls, APM Hexseal, and GT Joysticks AG. From our own experience, we can affirm the quality of the individual products.

Self-sealing screws, sealing caps, joysticks and rocker switches for automotive engineering

Safety and precision for your vehicles

Intelligent and reliable exchanging systems for trucks as well as hydraulic tail lifts enable smooth processes in the delivery of goods. Tipper bodies should function perfectly at all times. The precise operation of such instruments is made possible by control elements from our partners OTTO Controls or GT Joysticks AG. OTTO Controls is one of our premium partners and supplies high-quality rocker switches and other buttons for vehicle control systems. These products can withstand several million switching operations. Both companies offer outstanding solutions for the production of joysticks and control handles. Precise control is essential for safe working with different commercial vehicles.

It is not unusual for commercial vehicles to be exposed to adverse conditions, especially in the area of construction, and agriculture. Dirt, dust, water or even acids can cause considerable damage to individual components and above all to the operating instruments. To ensure that your valves function perfectly at all times, we rely on the products of our premium partner APM Hexseal. The company specializes in the manufacture of various sealing elements. Pushbuttons, rocker switches and potentiometers can be protected against external influences with sealing caps. This guarantees safety during operation, and the function of your vehicles at all times – even under the toughest conditions.

ALDERS provides you with comprehensive advice on our individual product groups. Our experienced employees have specialized knowledge of the individual industries and can answer your questions. We will be happy to help you select the right articles and work with you to find an individual solution.

Self-sealing screws, nuts and washers for electromobility

Bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses or trucks – electro-mobility already plays a role everywhere. In the future, this technology will permanently change our driving behavior. Wherever electromechanical components are used in e-mobility, the requirements for the individual components change as well. For example, battery covers must provide a 100 percent protection against ingress of water to prevent short circuits.

Matching solutions can be found at our premium partner APM Hexseal. There are self-sealing screws, nuts and self-sealing washers that meet a high quality standard.