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Sealing boots for switches and pushbuttons for many different application areas

At ALDERS we supply sealing boots for different switches and pushbuttons including aviation and military applications. From experience and as a sales partner we rely on the sealing boots by APM HEXSEAL.

Switches and pushbuttons are often exposed to a much higher load that you would at first think. However, depending on the area of application it can happen that the switches and pushbuttons are exposed to, for example, water high humidity, acid, dust or other soiling. Then it is recommended that these are protected by special sealing boots.

You can purchase the protective sealing boots for switches and pushbuttons to protect against:

  • water and moisture
  • acid
  • dirt
  • dust

We have sealing boots in various colours and sizes in our product range

APM Hexseal Dichtkappen für Drucktaster / Drucktastenschalter alders

APM Hexseal Sealing boots for Push button

  • different sealing materials for various media (air, water, gas, oil, petrol etc.)
  • different temperature ranges
  • different dimensions for various applications