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Programmable display switch with LCD and OLED display for machines, equipment and vehicles

Machines and vehicles are becoming more and more complex and so they require multi-layer operating elements. In order to make the handling as easy as possible, you can obtain special programmable buttons with displays from us. These programmable display switches permit the individual presentation of the information, which greatly facilitates the interaction between man and machine. For example, it is important in broadcasting to operate the correct switch quickly. That is why programmable display switches are the preferred choice in media technology. We rely on the proven quality of NKK Switches for programmable display switches.

At ALDERS you can find programmable display switch, for example, with the following specifications:

  • Rocker switch with display
  • OLED pushbutton
  • Small-size RGB pushbutton
  • Full-size RGB-LCD pushbutton
  • Pushbutton with LCD display

Programmable display switches combine the haptic of classic pushbuttons with the benefits of high-resolution displays. They provide a perceptible feedback and visual information on the performed interaction at the same time. Depending on the type of programmable display switch, texts, symbols, images or even moving images can be displayed. The pushbuttons can also be easily adapted for different languages.

Programmable display switches to facilitate the operation of human-machine-systems

NKK Switches is a globally operating company and the market leader in the field of electromechanical miniature and illuminated switches. The company founded by Shiego Ohashi has more than 65 years experience, meanwhile holds over 500 patents and has been awarded numerous quality and innovation prizes. It’s not without reason that companies the world over put their trust in NKK Switches when it comes to programmable display switches and other buttons and switches. The Japanese company develops innovative programmable display switches with LCD and OLED displays. These switches make it possible to expand the possibilities and the efficiency of user-interface designs (MMS or HMI). You require distinctly fewer switches in order to operate complex machines or control units more easily, faster and more intuitively. Furthermore, the programmable display switches reduce the probability of operating errors. At ALDERS you can purchase various programmable display switches from NKK Switches with OLED and with LCD displays, that enable either a monochrome or an RGB display. They are employed mainly in the fields of media technology and broadcasting to control sequence procedures. The programmable display switches withstand from one to three million switching operations and the LED technology in the displays has an operational life of 30,000 to 60,000 hours. You can therefore count on a long service life of the buttons and switches from NKK Switches. At ALDERS we can provide you with high-quality parts at fair prices at any time.

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Programmable display switch: Put your trust in the expertise of NKK Switches and ALDERS

ALDERS is your supplier for high-grade, electromechanical components, such as programmable display switches and other products. Whether it is for applications in construction and agricultural machine technology, aviation, military technology, naval technology, motor sport or medical technology, we are your contact for electromechanical components. And because quality, reliability and durability are important aspects for us and also for our customers, we rely on selected sales partners, such as our premium partner NKK Switches. We maintain a trusting business relationship with all our premium partners and other sales partners. This means that we know the products of these manufacturers very well and can advise you individually, as well as perform specific modifications for you. At ALDERS we have more than 30 years of experience in electromechanics and electrical engineering and know precisely what you require as our customer. So you can always rely on our expertise and also on that of our sales partners. Contact us should you have any questions regarding programmable display switches. Send an email to the contact person for the pushbuttons or telephone. The contact data can be found on the product page of the programmable display switches of NKK Switches.