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    Sealing boots for switches & screws with integrated seals

    APM Hexseal was founded in 1947 with the aim to develop solutions to protect against environmental influences, in order to extend the service life of electromechanic components worldwide. The delivery programme ranges from many types of sealing boots for switches and safety mechanisms to screws, nuts and ring washers with integrated seals.

    Since its founding year, APM Hexseal has developed a large product range of high-pressure sealing boots for switches and circuit breakers. The manufacturer’s seals are designed for the standard MIL-B-5433, in order to be able to supply the aviation technology, measuring technology, communication technology, construction, naval, medical technology and also industrial technology.

    In addition, APM Hexseal offers UL-recognised fasteners (self-sealing) as well as sealing washers for electrical systems according to 20000 PSIG. These fasteners and sealing washers are impermeable for a large number of corrosive fluids and gases.

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