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Our products: switches, joysticks, control handles, seals, counter, LEDs and much more

We are sales representative and official distributor for OTTO Controls, NKK Switches, APM Hexseal, Wearnes Cambion, World Products, Altmann,  L3 Electrodynamics Inc., Genge & Thoma AG, CTI Electronics Corporation, CTS Electrocomponents and EHC Knobs. Our company portfolio covers switches, joysticks, grips, potetiometer and encoder, indicators, time- and event counter, connectors, pcb hardware, knobs and cable assemblies.

We supply to aviation industry, building and agricultural machinery technology, military equipment, building of special vehicles, maritime technology, medical, Broadcast and in many further industries.

We are a consulting and sales company and offer a complete service to our customers. We are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and to EN9120.

We really looking foward to your inquiry.

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Produkte Schalter und Taster switches and buttons
Microswitches etc.: Practical solutions for your electronics
CTS Electrocomponents 282 Drehpotentiometer
Rotary potentiometers in control engineering, feedback control systems and measurement technology
CTS Electrocomponents 288
Encoders you can rely on: Trust our many years of experience
Genge und Thoma SK41
Joysticks for aviation and many other sectors from our premium partners
Sidesticks Steuergriffe
Controls for military vehicles, aviation and construction machinery
APM Hexseal Dichtelemente für Schalter und Taster
Sealing boots for switches and buttons for diverse applications
APM Hexseal metrische Schrauben
Reliable protection against fluids and gases
CTS Electrocomponents 500
Rotary position sensors and other modules for path and length measurements in millimetre range
Produkte Zähler Indikatoren Leds
Operating hour counter for military, aviation and aerospace and industry
EHC beleuchtete Knöpfe
From rotary knobs to toggles and pointer knobs, adjusting and clamping knobs to control grips
Cambion Nietbefestigung
Various PCB components for the aviation and other sectors
Chokes and other components for inductive energy transmission
Luftentladungsröhren WPSPG
Overvoltage (surge) components for electronic devices
Tastatur CTI KI66U6
Dust and waterproof keyboards with high durability
Space-saving water- and dustproof input devices

Switches, control grips, connectors: Benefit from over 25 years of experience with ALDERS

We work in an area where reliability and precision are of paramount importance. Our products are installed in aviation and aerospace equipment, are important components in medical technology and also in construction and agricultural machine technology. To be suitable for permanent operation they must withstand particularly high loads specific to their application. When you choose products by ALDERS, you are always on the safe side in this regard. We have been selling high-grade components for electromechanics and electrical engineering since 1987 – thanks to this 30 years of experience, we at ALDERS are real specialists in this sector. In addition, we are a company that values traditions: As a second-generation, family-run business we appreciate values such as trust, reliability and honesty and also foster our business relationships based on this maxim. At the same time our business field is constantly developing dynamically due to the technologies that we equip. This combination of traditional values, many years of experience and high-grade, cutting-edge, quality components are the hallmark of ALDERS – you too can benefit from our premium solutions and become part of our extensive network.

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