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    Joysticks by OTTO Controls and Genge & Thoma: Controls for machines and vehicles

    The only solution for the precise control of machines and vehicles is a joystick or pushbutton. We rely on the joysticks and controls from the respected manufacturers OTTO Controls and Genge & Thoma.

    Our offer covers a broad variety of models. You can purchase the following from ALDERS:

    • thumb joysticks and thumbwheels
    • uniaxial, biaxial and triaxial joysticks
    • controls for boats
    • foot pedals
    • based on the Hall effect or potentiometers

    So you can quickly find the suitable control solution and it does not matter if it is for machines or vehicles. We at ALDERS will support you with our expertise and our experience and will gladly advise you which joystick or pushbutton is best suited to your application.

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    Joysticks for aviation and many other applications of our premium partners

    Many vehicles and machines must be steered precisely, above all in aviation, military technology, naval technology or also medical technology precision is of utmost importance. That is why we rely on the joysticks from Genge & Thoma and OTTO Controls, because we are convinced of the high quality of these products. An OTTO Controls joystick, for example, withstands very high loads and millions of switching operations. And also a Genge & Thoma joystick is designed for special requirements, such as exist in aviation, military and naval technology. So you too can rely on ALDERS and our premium partners. We have been supplying electromechanic and electrical engineering components from for more than 25 years. To this purpose we have set up a network of partners with whom we maintain trusting business relationships. Traditional values are a further maxim of our company and these include trust, reliability and honesty. A further advantage of this close collaboration is that we know the electromechanic components of our premium partners really very well. So we are not only able to advise you competently, but can also realise your specific requests regarding the individual products. With an OTTO Controls joystick or a control from Genge & Thoma you receive premium products in premium quality.

    Your expert for
    joysticks by Genge & Thoma:
    Michael Steves
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    Genge & Thoma boat controls and other joysticks at ALDERS

    The joysticks by OTTO Controls or Genge & Thoma are based on the Hall Effect or potentiometers. Joysticks with Hall sensor apply the principle of the magnetic field measurement of the so-called Hall Effect. The advantages of these sensors are that they are on the one hand not sensitive to electromagnetic as well as high-frequency interferences from up to 100 Volt per metre. On the other, the Hall Effect sensors permit up to several million switching operations – in other words, they are very durable. In contrast, the functioning of joysticks or pushbuttons with potentiometer technology of a potentiometer is based on the electric resistance. Genge & Thoma or OTTO Controls joysticks are used in many different application areas, for example in machines to measure coordinates, in medical devices such as electric scooters or in driver cabins of machines and vehicles. Some products have several interchangeable grip versions, so that a thumb joystick can be adapted to suit the specific application. In addition to joysticks for aviation or other companies, we also offer Genge & Thoma boat controls and foot pedals.

    You have a question or would like some competent advice on our products? Give us a call or send us an email – at ALDERS we look forward to your enquiry!

    Your expert for
    joysticks by OTTO Controls:
    Michael Steves
    Portrait photography of Michael Steves

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