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Potentiometers to divide voltage mechanically

The potentiometer (pot) is an electric resistor component with a mechanical resistor, which is modifiable by rotating or sliding. Potentiometers are often used as rotary potentiometers or sliding potentiometers to control electronic devices and components. Rotary potentiometers are used, for example, to record angles of parts like valves. They are also used in apparatus engineering and vehicle construction as preselectors and position sensors. They are very precise in the electric and mechanic tolerances and have a long service life. Potentiometers are used in industry, medical and hifi technology and also in aviation.

We have the high-grade potentiometers by GT Joysticks AG in our product range.

The rotary potentiometers have the following properties:

  • conductive plastic or fine wire resistor
  • precise electrical and mechanical tolerance
  • robust, compact design
  • long mechanical service life and high reliability

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Displacement transducer
Displacement transducer
Rotary potentiometer
Rotary potentiometer
Slide potentiometer
Slide potentiometer

Potentiometers for your measurement, control and microprocessor technology

Regulated systems are used in all areas of industry, whether in semiconductor, measuring or microprocessor technology. These areas require sensors with a high mechanic and electric robustness. Potentiometers by GT Joysticks AG meet these requirements precisely.

Generally speaking, potentiometers are not mounted on non-conductive boards, the voltage divider. A coating of resistance material made of coal, metal or cermet is usually applied. The different resistance value results depending on the thickness and density of the applied coating. There is a outward port at each end of the coating. A mobile sliding contact engages a voltage potential on the resistor element and divides the total electric resistance mechanically in two partial resistances. The rule here is: the lower the total resistance, the better the signal quality. There is also a port at the sliding contact.

The resistance value of rotary potentiometers is changed using a rotary axis. The value can be adjusted to a lowest and highest value. Accordingly, the resistor line is circular.

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