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New mobility – with hydrogen into the future

Gas sensors, gas sensor modules and accessories

Mobility without emissions? Hydrogen vehicles are emission-free.

The fuel alternative is increasingly coming into focus when it comes to future-oriented energy sources. It must be assumed that there will be many alternative drive options in vehicles in the future. Hydrogen-powered fuel cells in mobile operation will be an important option in climate-friendly energy production. Hydrogen sensors that detect leaks in the tank, in the vehicle cabin and in the fuel cell are suitable for the safe operation of these fuel cells. These sensors must work reliably and sensitively. Even in small concentrations, the odorless and colorless gas H2 can have a major impact on both people and their environment. Early detection of gases in the ambient air is therefore essential. The field of application of our sensors is very extensive. The sensors are used in the automotive sector and e.g. installed directly in cars or commercial vehicles. But they are also used for gas detection in industry, where hydrogen is produced and stored. We provide you with high-quality gas sensors for various target gases and suitable accessories so that you can use the sensors optimally in your application. Our sensors are highly sensitive to gas concentrations, maintenance-free, durable and factory calibrated.

Rely on a safe and clean future with hydrogen products from ALDERS.


Gas sensors and accessories: our product-range from FES Sensor Technology

For gas sensors, for measuring hydrogen concentration in the ambient air, we rely on our premium partner FES Sensor Technology. As an expert in hydrogen sensor technology with many years of experience, FES offers innovative calibrated hydrogen sensors that are insensitive to siloxanes.

For the optimal use of our sensors, ALDERS offers suitable modules and accessories as a supplement to our gas sensor portfolio. In addition to various installation elements and housings, test chambers and an evaluation kit are also available for measurements.