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Slide switches to adjust and control machines or vehicles

All sorts of slide switches are used in equipment, machines and vehicles for all manner of purposes. Slide switches can, for example, be used to adjust certain settings on machines or as an ON/OFF switch. In order to fulfil every task, you will find a large range of slide switches by the manufacturers OTTO Controls, NKK Switches und CTS Electrocomponents at ALDERS.

In our range, we stock slide switches with the following features:

  • two and four-pin models
  • dustproof switches
  • various combinations, such as On/On/On, On/Off and more
  • Slide switches with optional illumination

We also bring switches to the market that are suitable for mounting on circuit boards. You receive the products at a fair price and additionally comprehensive advice.

Slide switches: innovative products at ALDERS

Slide switches come in various constructions, including the so-called DIP switch. The abbreviation stands for Dual Inline Package. That means that the switch has two connection rows arranged in parallel. They are mainly used in SMT technology and through-hole technology (THT). Theses slide switches are mainly installed on motherboards or circuit boards to perform adjustments of configurations or changes to parameters. There is, however, also a switch in the range that simply functions for simple On/Off operations. We bring to the market slide switches by CTS Electrocomponents, NKK Switches and OTTO Controls. CTS was founded already in 1896. The founders were involved in the commercialisation of the telephone, radio and television. So they always had a sense for technological trends and still have to this day. Also NKK Switches already has decades of experience in producing electromechanic components such as slide switches – namely more than 65 years. In addition, the company meanwhile also has over 500 patents and received many quality and innovation prizes. That speaks for itself and so you too can place your trust in the products of the Japanese company that enjoys an excellent reputation the world over. Last but not least, there is the company OTTO Control that is known for its qualitative and innovative products and likewise operates globally. This company has been a loyal partner since ALDERS was founded in 1987.

Daniel Jennen

Your expert for
slide switche by CTS:

Daniel Jennen +49 2152 8955-210

Slide switches with quality and reliability from our premium partners

And here we come to values that we appreciate: tradition, trust, quality and reliability! Traditional values and trust mean that we maintain long-lasting business relationships with our sales partners that are based on trust. In turn, this means that we have a precise knowledge of the products and that makes it possible for us to advise you competently on slide switches and other electromechanic components. Quality and reliability are naturally important to us, because we would like to supply you with only the highest quality products. After all, we both work in an area where precision and reliability are particularly important. The slide switches and many other switches and pushbuttons and control units of our partners are installed in aviation and aerospace, medical technology and also construction and agricultrial machine technology.

Daniel Jennen

Your expert for
slide switches by OTTO Controls:

Daniel Jennen +49 2152 8955-210
OTTO Controls Schiebeschalter SL Serie alders

OTTO Controls slide switch SL series

  • Single & double pole, double throw switch configuration
  • Logic level rating available with gold plate contacts & terminals
  • 3-position center OFF with momentary or maintained switch action in any combination
  • Dusttight to MIL-PRF-8805 Design 2
  • Raised & flush button contours available
  • Choice of button color
  • FAA/PMA available (contact factory)
  • RoHS compliant

At ALDERS we have more than 30 years of experience in the branch of electromechanic components – so we are real specialists in this area. That means that you can put your trust in us. Please contact us should you have any questions also regarding slide switches. We will gladly advise you in all aspects. Talk to our specialist – the contact details are on the slide switch product page.

Daniel Jennen

Your expert for
slide switches by NKK Switches:

Daniel Jennen +49 2152 8955-210
NKK Switches Schiebeschalter AS Serie alders

NKK Switches Slide switch AS series

  • Up to 3 positions
  • ON-ON-ON possible
  • For PCB mounting
NKK Switches Schiebeschalter CS Serie alders

NKK Switches Slide switch CS series

  • For two positions
  • 1 or 2 pole version available
  • For PCB mounting
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NKK Switches Schiebeschalter FS Serie alders

NKK Switches Slide switch FS series

  • 2-pole version
  • Two positions possible
  • For PCB mounting
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NKK Switches Schiebeschalter JS Serie alders

NKK Switches Slide switch JS series

  • “Piano” variant possible
  • 4 or 8 positions available
NKK Switches Schiebeschalter MS Serie alders

NKK Switches Slide switch MS seriers

  • Up to three poles possible
  • ON-ON-ON wiring can be ordered
  • Optionally illuminated version available
NKK Switches Schiebeschalter SS Serie alders

NKK Switches Slide switch SS series

  • Side actuator possible
  • ON-ON-ON version available