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    Pushbutton switches and buttons for many industries: practical solutions for your electronics

    Buttons or slide switches are more than simple knobs for switching on and off devices or functions on machines. In order to ensure the operation of complex machines, vehicles and devices as user-friendly as possible, you will find a wide selection of different buttons and switches. In addition to classic toggle switches and rotary switches, we also supply keylock switches, buttons and microswitches according to your requirements.

    We can also offer you a wide range of pushbuttons. Besides trim switches and pushbutton switches for aviation, you will find display switches with an integrated LCD and OLED display that simplifies the operation of machines, vehicles and equipment. Furthermore, we offer tactiles, i.e. very small short-stroke buttons. You will also receive suitable accessories for our diverse solutions, such as slide switches and pushbuttons switches.

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    Produkte Schalter und Taster switches and buttons
    Toggle switches for aviation and other industries from ALDERS
    Reliable pushbutton switches from OTTO Controls and NKK Switches
    Wippschalter von ALDERS
    Rocker switches for machines and vehicles from OTTO Controls and NKK Switches
    Mehrwegetaster von ALDERS
    High-quality trim switches from premium manufacturer OTTO Controls
    Drehschalter von ALDERS
    Rotary switches for machines, control units and vehicles
    Mikroschalter von ALDERS
    Microswitches for controls, position sensors and position switches
    Displaytaster von ALDERS
    Programmable display switches with LCD and OLED display for machines, devices and vehicles
    Schlüsselschalter von ALDERS
    Keylock switches for protection against unauthorised operation
    Schiebeschalter von ALDERS
    Slide switches for setting and controlling machines or vehicles
    Tactiles von ALDERS
    Short-stroke buttons for devices, vehicles and machines in the ALDERS assortment
    Fahrtrichtungsschalter von ALDERS
    F-N-R switch with Hall Effect sensor for a long service life
    VIVISUN Druckschalter von ALDERS
    Pushbutton switch with programmable display in the ALDERS range
    Zubehör für Schalter und Taster von ALDERS
    Pushbutton switches and buttons with original accessories from OTTO Controls

    Slide switches and more from our premium partners

    We at ALDERS are active in fields of application in which the loads for electromechanical components such as microswitches, slide switches or pushbutton switches and buttons are very high. This is why reliability and precision are particularly important to us. For this reason, we cooperate with partners who guarantee high quality. We see ourselves and our premium partners, such as OTTO Controls, as a large, international family and have a trusting relationship with them. Since we know our partners and their products very well, we can develop small series or adapt the components to your special requirements. Of course, you as a customer also belong to our network and thus to our family.

    Since we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of electromechanics and electrical engineering for aerospace, agricultural machinery, military or maritime technology, we know exactly what our customers need. Among other things, we sell various switches and buttons from OTTO Controls or NKK Switches. Through our extensive network of premium partners, we can offer you a wide selection of switches, such as toggle switches, rotary switches or slide switches. Please also note our large selection of buttons.

    Pushbutton and slide switches with high-quality accessories for various applications

    Pushbutton and slide switches as well as other input solutions are used in various fields of application. In industry, rotary switches and their accessories are used in the operating elements of machines and vehicles. Microswitches, for example, are installed in various electrical devices such as controls, position sensors or position switches. They represent an important connection between the machine and the control unit. Slide switches are often used for certain settings in machines – for example, switch-on and switch-off processes. Buttons and switches from the exclusive manufacturer Applied Avionics are also part of our product range. Switches are used in the aerospace industry in both the military and civil sector. Pushbutton switches, on the other hand, are used wherever electrical circuits are manually closed or interrupted. Since safety is our top priority at ALDERS, we rely exclusively on well-known manufacturers such as Applied Avionics, OTTO Controls and NKK Switches for pushbutton switches for aviation and all other areas.

    If you have any questions about our products or our premium partners, please do not hesitate to contact us. We advise you in all matters related to the right electromechanical components for your company. Give us a call or send us an e-mail with your inquiry or your wishes – we at ALDERS are at your disposal!

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