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    Robust and precise sensors for various areas of application

    For odometers, we rely on our partners Genge & Thoma and CTS Electrocomponents. The precision and durability of the components from these two manufacturers has proven itself over many years and offers the highest levels of reliability and accuracy, and that’s exactly what counts. From our premium partner CTS we sell an acceleration module that can be installed in mobility aids and small vehicles and a rotary position sensor that is used in motors as a throttle sensor or as a protractor and is characterized by the following properties:

    • high robustness and long service life
    • very resistant to the ingress of liquids
    • compact design

    We sell displacement transducers from our sales partner Genge & Thoma. Such a distance meter is used for the precise measurement of distances in the millimeter range and is mainly used for control and quality assurance in industrial production. In our range you will find a selection of odometers that are characterized by their high level of robustness and reliability. We also have radiation-resistant displacement sensors. The displacement transducers from Genge & Thoma have the following properties:

    • compact design
    • (up to twice sealed) push rod bearings
    • precise double push rod bearings
    • axial and radial plug or cable connections
    • long service life

    Hydrogen sensors from our partner FES are used wherever hydrogen is produced, stored, transported and used. The sensors were developed for the monitoring of potentially dangerous hydrogen concentrations in the ambient air. The gas sensors are insensitive to siloxanes from the ambient air, have long-term stability and do not require calibration. The special control and amplifier electronics are implemented directly in the housing. The gas sensors from FES have the following properties:

    • high sensitivity and selectivity towards hydrogen down to the lower explosion limit (LEL)
    • Insensitive to typical catalyst poisons such as volatile siloxanes and carbon monoxide
    • fast response and decay times
    • no zero point drift
    • can be used in humidity from 0% to 100% r. F. and under wet steam conditions
    • Operating temperature range from -10 ° C to 50 ° C
    • robust construction
    • long-term stability
    • No calibration required

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    CTS Electrocomponents 500
    Rotary position sensor from CTS Electrocomponents, which are used in motors as a throttle sensor or as a protractor
    Genge und Thoma HP-15CP
    Angle and odometer as well as precise controls for various industrial applications from our partner Genge & Thoma AG
    Oxygen sensor
    Innovative, calibrated hydrogen sensors that are insensitive to siloxanes from the ambient air

    Sensors and more from our premium partners

    We at ALDERS are active in fields of application in which sensitive sensors are used with a high level of reliability and precision. For this reason, we work with partners with whom we can be sure of high quality. We see ourselves and our premium partners as a large, international family and we have a trusting relationship with them. And because we know our partners and their products very well, we can develop small series or adapt the components to your special requirements. You as a customer also belong to our network and therefore to our family.

    Since we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of electromechanics and electrical engineering for aerospace, agricultural machinery, military or maritime technology, we know exactly what our customers need. Among other things, we sell various sensors from our partners CTS Electrocomponents, Genge & Thoma and FES Sensor Technology. Thanks to our broad network of premium partners, we can offer you a wide range of sensors.

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