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Rotary position sensors and other modules to measure distances and lengths in the millimetre range

For transducers we rely on our partners Genge & Thoma and CTS Electrocomponents. The precision and durability of the components of these two manufacturers has been proven over many years. The components offer the highest reliability and precision and that is precisely what counts. We supply an acceleration module from our premium partner CTS that can be installed in mobility aids and small vehicles, and a rotary position sensor that can be used in engines as an inductor or protractor and which has the following outstanding features:

  • high robustness and long life time
  • very resistant against the penetration of fluids
  • compact design

We supply distance measuring devices by Genge & Thoma. Such a distance meter is used to measure precisely the distances in the millimetre range and is mainly used in industrial productions to check and ensure quality. In our product range you can find a selection of distance meters that are all very robust and reliable. We also supply radiation-proof distance measuring devices. The distance meters by Genge & Thoma have the following properties:

  • compact design
  • (up to doubly sealed) thrust rod bearings
  • precise dual- thrust rod bearings
  • axial and radial plug and cable connections
  • long life time

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High quality and reliable distance measuring devices – rely on ALDERS

Thanks to our more than 30 years of experience in the field of electromechanical components and the long-standing cooperation with the manufacturer Genge & Thoma, we can offer you components that are highly reliable. In addition, we are very well versed to advice you in the area of distance meters and on other component parts.

The Genge & Thoma AG has developed and produced high-grade angle and distance measuring devices and precise controls for various industrial applications for more than 55 years. The manufacturer is domiciled in Lengnau in Switzerland. The distance measuring devices are high-grade, very robust and have a long service life. The sensors are used to measure distances travelled between an object and a reference point or a difference in length. The distance measuring devices converts the change in the path into a uniform signal or a fieldbus transmits it to the control device.

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Rotary position sensors by CTS Electrocomponents for many application areas

Our premium partner CTS has more than 120 years of experience in developing electromechanic components, for the company was founded already in 1896. From the start the manufacturer pursued the principle to recognise trends early on and deliver technological solutions fast. The company is divided into two operative business areas CTS Automotive Products and CTS Electrocomponents and operates at more than ten locations in eight countries with its production and development. They produce for the areas automotive, telecommunication, military technology, high-frequency technology and medical technology.

At ALDERS we cooperate with CTS Electrocomponents because that is the business areas that are responsible for the electronic components and modules. We supply mainly rotary position sensors, acceleration modules and potentiometers that demonstrate high quality and withstand several million switching cycles. At ALDERS we maintain a close and trusting business relationship to out premium partner CTS, so that we know the production methods and the components such as rotary position sensors and other distance measuring devices very well. That is why we can provide you with competent advice on the products and the customer-specific modifications.

Simply give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly answer all your questions.

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