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    Electronic components: special-purpose solutions from ALDERS

    ALDERS takes on the supply of electronic components by creating individual special purpose high-quality solutions with the utmost responsibility. As representatives and sales partners of numerous well-known companies, we are constantly working to transport the products safely and quickly to our customers. Our goal is to make the delivery and transport process as smooth as the handling of our partners’ products.

    In addition, we offer the development of special purpose solutions for your individual needs. For this purpose, we design and build individual items as well as small series. We also offer to function as an “extended workbench” for the manufacturing of your products. Modern manufacturing processes produce representative results that convince through quality.

    If you have any questions about our products, we will be happy to send you our detailed information material. Please feel free to contact us via direct message, e-mail or telephone.

    Your expert for
    special-purpose solutions:
    Michael Steves

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    Choose from our services:

    If included in the framework agreement, we take over the storage of certain components
    Buffer stock
    For smooth operation during peak demand or additional requirements
    We prepackage separate components to an individual kit for you
    International procurement
    Nationally and internationally - we are able to get even hard-to-find goods for you!
    Production-oriented pre-assembly
    Rely on our work – we are production-oriented and trustworthy
    Individual packaging
    Our service is geared to your demands
    Individual labelling
    An efficient marking and labelling system for ideal processing
    Shipments within 24 hours
    Fast dispatch of stock goods within 24 hours from the time of placing the order
    Product optimisation
    We identify and implement optimisation potentials in your interest
    Custom solutions
    We offer reliable and high quality custom solutions designed for you
    Single parts and small-lot production
    During the production process, we follow your specifications step by step
    Extended workbench
    We support you and your product with the performance and quality of a specialised company

    With ALDERS on the road to success: Electronic components and special-purpose solutions

    Due to our decades of experience in the fields of manufacturing and distribution of electronic components, we are at your service to provide you with special-purpose solutions for numerous products and projects. For more than 30 years, we have been working successfully in the fields of electromechanics and electrical engineering and have thus acquired an extensive knowledge in our field of expertise. This benefits our partners and customers alike.

    ALDERS takes on the versatile tasks of the sales work – from the reception and storage up to the dispatch of goods, we are always on time. Our service aims at providing our customers with a fitting contact at all times.

    The products manufactured by us and our partners comply with the highest quality standards – you can trust us with the production of individual items and small series as well as with the sequence of certain production processes for large series products. For many different electronic components, we provide you with special solutions and identify optimisation potential. The products from our range are of high quality and withstand general and application-specific strains.

    Become part of the ALDERS network!

    The electronic components and other products we sell and manufacture at ALDERS electronic are used in a variety of applications. From aviation and defence industry to medical technology, construction and agricultural machinery as well as motor sports, our products and those of our sales partners support you. Trust in the quality of companies known to the industry. Our portfolio includes switches and buttons as well as joysticks and control handles from OTTO Controls – and more electronic components.

    The passion for state-of-the-art solutions drives us to give an improved performance every day. We are looking forward to meeting you!

    The right contact for
    every product category

    At ALDERS we have a competent partner for every area of application. You can be sure that we will always answer your questions, requirements and wishes precisely. Quality, feasibility and the consideration of economic efficiency in your interest are always taken into account.

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