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Electromechanical components for municipal and industrial trucks

Rotary switches, control grips, potentiometers and encoders for various applications

Every work area requires special solutions. At ALDERS, we understand the requirements of different industries and can provide you with the electromechanical components you need. Municipal vehicles designed for different applications require adapted elements that normal consumer vehicles do not have. Our components are used, for example, in fire and rescue vehicles, street cleaning, winter road clearance, green area cleaning, forestry and cemetery technology. In addition, our products are used by manufacturers of industrial trucks such as forklifts and pallet trucks. ALDERS offers rocker and rotary switches, control grips with different handles or joysticks as well as potentiometers and other products for these applications.

For our excellent components, we rely on our extensive sales network, which we have built in the course of our long company history. We supply you with first-class electromechanical components from well-known manufacturers such as OTTO Controls, NKK Switches, APM Hexseal or GT Joysticks AG. We will be happy to help you select the right products for your project. Contact our competent team!

Self-sealing screws, control grips and sensors of special quality

Reliability and irreproachable functionality

In the case of municipal work or landscape maintenance it is part of the daily business that the vehicles used are loaded with dirt. For road cleaning or winter maintenance it is of great importance that the technology used is fully functional at all times despite extreme environmental influences. To ensure that sensitive instruments are not damaged, self-sealing screws and sealing caps are used to provide ideal protection. Our premium partner APM Hexseal offers you a wide range of gaskets that comply with official standards.

The products of our premium partners OTTO Controls or NKK Switches are used for precise operation. Durable rocker and rotary switches as well as control grips or joysticks ensure reliable control. Industrial trucks, such as forklift trucks, often work in confined spaces. Therefore it is of great importance that these vehicles can be perfectly controlled with proper instruments.

Furthermore, you can obtain high-quality potentiometers and encoders for municipal and industrial trucks from our sales partner GT Joysticks AG. Sensors for precise displacement and length measurement are also available from this manufacturer. Please feel free to contact our competent team if you have further questions about our products or the industries in which we are active. At ALDERS, we always strive to provide you with the best possible solution.