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Strong brands - strong partners!

At ALDERS, we have been working with our premium and other sales partners for over 35 years in order to be able to offer high-quality switches and control elements for demanding areas of application.

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We deliver:
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High-quality and reliable products!

You can rely on our products!
Our switches, buttons and joysticks are installed in the aerospace industry, in medical technology, in construction and agricultural engineering technology and for individual projects. Therefore, they have to withstand particularly high application-oriented loads in order to be able to operate permanently.

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We can do:
Different branches of application!

ALDERS offers electromechanic components for all areas. From medical technology to aviation and aerospace, to military and automation to vehicle technology – with the expertise of our specialists we offer you competent service in all areas.

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Indicate. Control. Connect.
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Your supplier for 35 years!

ALDERS has been selling high-quality components for electrical engineering, electronics and electrodynamics for over 35 years. We give our customers access to a group of selected international top manufacturers known for first-class quality.

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Electromechanical components for industrial use

Find fitting and reliable components for electrical engineering, electronics, and electrodynamics.

ALDERS is a supplier of high-quality and state-of-the-art components for electrical engineering, electronics, and electrodynamics. We enable our customers to be part of a group of selected international top manufacturers, known for first-class quality. Some of these manufacturers are exclusively managed by us.

ALDERS focuses on special-purpose solutions, customer-specific adaptations and small series. Based on the series products, we carry out modifications according to your specifications in our company.

Our customers are experts in many different working fields which have in common, that components have to function with a great reliability.

These include areas such as construction and agricultural machineryaviation and aerospacedefense technologynaval technologymotor sports, as well as medical technology.

We have established very close, long-standing relationships with five of our partners. These are known as the ALDERS premium partners. You can find out more about them in the “brands” section.

ALDERS is official representative and distributor of the following companies: OTTO Controls, NKK Switches, APM Hexseal, Cambion Electronics Ltd., World Products, Altmann, L3 Harris Technologies, GT Joysticks AG, CTI, CTS Corporation and FES Sensor Technology.


ALDERS has an extensive company history of over 35 years. When selecting suppliers for electromechanical components, our focus lies on excellent quality, high safety, and a long service life. Just like our premium partners, we have special requirements from a wide range of industries that benefit you as a customer.


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Our product portfolio – Highlights

Strong partners, strong team

The variety of our qualified and experienced partners provides us with a widest product range of switches, gaskets, joysticks, Rotary and many more. Each individual is specialized in his area and ensure safety and many years of warranty.

The ALDERS team will be pleased to support you in your project.

We guide you with our strong experience to find the right product for your application.

 +49 2152 8955-0