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Limit switches : Quality and reliability by OTTO Controls

Electromechanical components such as limit switches are used where even the smallest detail matters. For safety reasons, we rely exclusively on our premium partner OTTO Controls for these components, whose top priority is quality.

Limit switches are also called position switches. These sensors are connected to mechanical output contacts. The device actuates the contacts, opening or closing an electrical connection when an object comes into contact with the controls.

At ALDERS you benefit from absolutely high-grade components and our favourable prices.

For example, we carry limit switches with the following actuating elements.

  • rotary lever
  • pestle
  • Flexible spring rod or coil spring
  • Forked

The type of actuator used can be determined by the mounting position, the force required and the objects to be detected.

If you have any questions about the limit switches or our other products, we will be happy to advise you. Call us or send us an email with your request.

Endschalter P6

OTTO Controls Limit switch P6 series

  • Designed for extreme temperature ranges
  • Waterproof according to IP68S and IK69K
  • One-piece stainless steel housing
  • Choice of ball or roller plunger
  • Three connection method options
OTTO Controls Drucktaster P6-4

OTTO Controls pushbutton P6-4 series limit switches

  • Sealed watertight to IP68S and IP69K
  • One-piece Stainless Steel housing
  • Built to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Choice of ball or roller plunger
  • Three connection method options
Datenblatt P6-Serie

OTTO Controls pushbutton P6 series limit switch

  • Complies with MIL-PRF-8805 sealing
  • One-piece housing
  • Sealed at plunger with O-rings
  • Sealed at base with a glass seal
  • EMI reduction construction
  • Choice of pin or roller plunger
  • Choice of axial or radial leads
OTTO Controls Drucktaster P6 Serie

OTTO Controls pushbutton P6-3 series subminiature limit switch (single pole)

  • Compact design
  • Watertight to MIL-PRF-8805
  • Choice of four actuator styles
  • Choice of wire lead or solder termination styles
  • Up to 10 amps switching capability
  • High contact pressure for low levels
  • Precision operating points