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Short-stroke pushbuttons for equipment, vehicles and machines in the product range of ALDERS

Tactile switches are very small switches that are used for many different switching operations. As a rule, tactiles are installed for switching on circuit boards with SMD or THT components. An SMD component is attached using the surface mounting technology (SMT). In contrast to this, the wire connections of elements mounted using through-hole technology (THT) are pushed through contact holes in the circuit board and soldered. Due to their small size, the tactiles only require a little space and can therefore be easily integrated in complex switching systems. There they provide extensive applications. So that you find exactly the right tactile switches, we offer you a broad range of different switches and competent advice, should that be required.

At ALDERS you can, for example, find short-stroke pushbuttons with the following functions:

  • tactiles in different colours and forms
  • tactile switches with and without illumination
  • tactiles for circuit board mounting

In this area, we rely on the quality of the manufacturer NKK Switches. Special features of these switches are the high durability, long service life and the excellent price-performance ratio. Find out more about the short-stroke pushbuttons by NKK Switches here and request an offer should you be interested. At ALDERS, we look forward to your enquiry!

Tactiles by NKK Switches are high-quality and reliable

Short-stroke pushbuttons are among the pushbuttons that can be mechanically operated. The tactile switches are briefly pushed down and then move back to the starting position. This process triggers the mechanism where a circuit is either activated or deactivated. After the movement back, it is, however, no longer clearly evident in which switching status the short-stroke pushbutton is. That is why NKK Switches also offers an illuminated version. That way you can tell if the circuit is active or not. The tactile switches are often mounted on circuit boards used in equipment, vehicles or machines from construction or agricultural technology, aviation, military technology or naval technology. In these fields of application, the electromechanic components, such as short-stroke pushbuttons, must withstand high loads. That is why we rely on the short-stroke pushbuttons by our premium partner NKK Switches, because these tactiles are characterised by their very excellent quality and durability. Should you have any questions on short-stroke pushbuttons please contact our expert, who will be more than happy to help. The contact details are on the respective product page.

Daniel Jennen

Your expert for
tactiles by NKK Switches:

Daniel Jennen +49 2152 8955-210
NKK Switches Tactiles CB Serie alders

NKK Switches Tactiles CB series

  • Available for PCB mounting or SMT variant
  • At least 100,000 cycles
NKK Switches Tactiles HP Serie alders

NKK Switches Tactiles HP series

  • Available for PCB mounting or SMT variant
  • Over 500,000 cycles possible
NKK Switches Tactiles JB Serie alders

NKK Switches Tactiles JB series

  • Available for PCB mounting
  • Up to 5 million cycles
  • With and without illumination possible
NKK Switches Tactiles JF Serie alders

NKK Switches Tactiles JF series

  • Available for PCB mounting
  • Various shapes and colours possible

Tactile switches: You can out your trust in our years of experience

NKK Switches is the specialist for innovative switching products and a globally operating company. It has been the market leader for many years in the field of miniature and illuminated switches, and has over 65 years of experience. At ALDERS, we also have many years of experience as a supplier of high-grade, electromechanic components and rely on NKK Switches. We have been active for a total of more than 30 years in this sector. That is why we know exactly which requirements the controls, switches and pushbuttons, such as short-stroke pushbuttons, must meet for our customers. We have set up a broad network of sales partners and also premium partners. With our premium partners we maintain an especially close business relationship and know their products very well. This means that we can advise you competently and you receive precisely the short-stroke pushbuttons or a different component that suits your application and requirements. And we can perform small modifications or application-specific customizations for lots of these products ourselves. So put your trust in ALDERS and NKK Switches!