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Operating time indicators for the military, aviation and aerospace and industry

Operating time indicators are used in aviation, the military or industry. For in all these areas constancy and reliability play an important role. The counters provide precise data on how long electric devices have been used. Determining maintenance periods and intervals, operating periods and so on is facilitated. The special housings of our operating hour counters make it possible to use them in many different kinds of applications in industry, aviation and aerospace. We supply the operating hour counters by L3Harris.

The operating time indicators for aviation and other areas have the following special features:

  • a broad operating voltage range
  • hermetically sealed housing
  • robust against vibrations
  • application in a wide range of temperatures

We will gladly advise you on suitable operating time indicators that meet your requirements and provide you with our experience and expertise.

Operating time indicators for aviation and the military by L3Harris Technologies, Inc.

In aviation an operating time indicators records, for example, how long an engine has been in use. Especially in this area, but also in the military sector, it is especially important to keep an eye on the operating hours. Exceeding the permitted runtimes can have serious consequences. The readings of the operating time indicators reveal the maintenance intervals for engines and other components. But also in industry the operating hour counter is used to check how long a machine has been running. We work together with L3Harris regarding operating time indicators. That is a US-American company that specialises in manufacturing optical and mechanic indicators, event counters and operating time indicators for aviation and military industries. The manufacturer has several facilities throughout the world and is headquartered in in New York. L3Harris has an outstanding reputation worldwide and we are fully convinced of this manufacturer and its products.

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Mechanical operating time indicators for aviation at ALDERS

At ALDERS we supply high-grade electromechanic components, electrotechnology and electrodynamics. Our customers come from applications in construction and agricultural machine technology, aviation, military technology, naval technology and other areas. In all these areas high precision, reliability and quality are demanded which is why we trust the best of the world’s best manufacturers. Since operating hour counters are now commonly replaced by software solutions, we provide mainly spare parts for these components. However, if you still use mechanical operating hour counters in your field, then you can purchase these and further components at ALDERS.

We have operated in the sale and distribution of electromechanic components for more than 30 years. Over the years we have set up a broad network of sales partners and premium partners. Traditional values, reliability and quality are particularly important to us in our cooperations. That is why we maintain close and trusting business relationships with all our partners. This means that we know the production methods and the products extremely well and can perform customer-specific modifications ourselves. So put your trust in the expertise of ELT when it comes to electromechanic components.

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At ALDERS we have a competent partner for every area of application. You can be sure that we will always answer your questions, requirements and wishes precisely. Quality, feasibility and the consideration of economic efficiency in your interest are always taken into account.

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