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Keylock switch

Keylock switches (also known as switchlock) are used in applications with special safety requirements. As the name suggests, this switch is connected to a locking mechanism. This means that only authorised persons can open or close the circuit behind it with the aid of the appropriate key and perform a switching operation.

Possible applications for keylock switches include lifts, machines that may only be operated by trained persons, or the classic ignition lock in a car. All in all, they are used in almost every industry.

Depending on the version, keylock switches have one or more snap-in positions. With sliding doors, for example, it is possible to switch between open and closed, automatic or “exit only”. A variant in an elevator that only serves to control a certain floor uses only one latching position. The structure is similar for keylock switches which are intended to switch a technical system on or off.

Keylock switches are manufactured in various designs and thread sizes.