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Kitting means that various parts and components, which are required for manufacturing a product, are assembled in a kit. This usually is done by a supplier. The kit is then delivered to the customer. The assembly of the product takes place at the location where it is needed.

The main advantages of kitting are the lower logistical effort and the fast processing time.The kit can be used, for example, to provide parts of certain products or product lines. Individual variations of a component are packed in a space- and time-saving manner and sent to the customer in a kit. If different pieces of one type are required for a variety of models, they can be supplied by placing one order. This procedure improves work processes and can facilitate the documentation, which is usually required from the customer.

High-quality single components are generally used for the kitting process, ensuring high accuracy within very low error tolerances. Since all parts of a product are assembled, the use of additional packaging material can be avoided.