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Rotary coding switch

A rotary coding switch is responsible for distributing signals from a common C contact to various outputs. For this purpose, codings are assigned to different switching positions. The former can be selected using a central rotary switch and determine which outputs are switched on or off when the rotary switch is in the corresponding position.

Its functionality, which is both simple to define and yet versatile due to a number of setting options, makes the rotary coding switch a popular choice in areas where many preset functions are required. Typical applications for rotary coding switches are in use as operating elements on technical devices such as vehicles as well as in wireless applications or bus systems.

Rotary coding switches are available in a wide range of designs and configurations. Differences within a series of rotary encoders typically include different angled connections (e.g. as a vertically pluggable or surface mount “gull wing” variant), variations of the central control element and a different number of adjustable positions (4, 10 or 16).