OTTO Controls rocker switch FNR K1S series snap-in

The industry’s smallest ON-ON-ON triple throw rocker switch is a sealed, logic level switch offering 1M cycle life in a short, snap-in package. Available in both single and double pole configurations, with maintained action, this ON-ON-ON rocker is perfect for use as a Forward-Neutral-Reverse (FNR) switch. The double pole version offers redundancy for each switch state providing increased safety. Termination options include a Molex connector or wire leads.

The K1S contact system is sealed to IP68S and uses a flow-thru design. With an optional boot, the switch is panel sealed to IP68S. The rugged K1S is shorter behind panel than OTTO’s K1 rocker series, making it an ideal choice for use in grips and panels. The K1S also consists of two rocker button style/size options for best user comfort. Only one panel opening size is required, regardless of button size. Choose from a set of 73 standard legend choices which are offered with both normal and large-size rocker top styles, or add a custom logo, lettering or legend.


  • Shorter behind panel depth
  • High cycle life, 1 Million cycles
  • Maintained action
  • Single or double pole, ON-ON-ON triple throw switch
  • Switch contacts sealed to IP68S (Panel Sealed to IP68S with optional rubber boot for standard rocker only)
  • Logic level only
  • 2 sizes of rocker styles, standard and large
  • 2 termination types, connector and wire leads
  • Choose from 73 standard legends per SAE or create your own
  • RoHS compliant
  • FNR

Documents & downloads

Data sheet K1SK1S Rocker - Product BulletinOTTO-Standard_Legends-per-SAE
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