OTTO Controls basic switch B2D series subminiature with reduced dead break

The B2D is a single break, snap action, subminiature basic switch with reduced dead break. It is designed for pressure transducers, level sensors and other applications where the difference between the breaking of the first circuit and the making of the second circuit needs to be as close as possible to zero.

As multi-circuit switches change from one circuit to another, there is always a small amount of time or distance where the actuator is depressed and the switch is not connected to either circuit. Dead break is the distance of actuator travel to cause the switch to transfer from one circuit to the other. OTTO’s B2D closes that gap quicker than a traditional basic switch. It will outperform most switches when the actuator is being depressed very slowly, or when it is important for the application to minimize the time the switch is not connected to either circuit.

There are 13 terminal styles which include single turret solder style, double turret solder style, Quick Connect, PC pins and wires.

The B2D shares the same dimensions as OTTO’s B2 basic switch, is a drop-in replacement and is available with or without lever actuators.


  • Choice of 0.156” and 0.200” wide models
  • Logic level switching capability
  • Choice of 13 standard terminal styles or wire leads
  • Lever actuators are available
  • RoHS compliant

Documents & downloads

Data sheet B2DStandard Switch Guideb2d-product-bulletin
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