OTTO Controls toggle switch T3 series miniature

These miniature toggles are rugged, highly reliable switches offering positive detent action for safe switching operation, and feature the unique OTTO snap-action switch actuation in conjunction with a unique toggle actuator design.

High contact pressure and superior wiping action of the OTTO design makes the T3 series an excellent choice for switching loads from logic level up to 5 amps. Choose sealed one or two pole circuitry, 15/32-32 sealed or 1/4-40 unsealed bushing construction, momentary and/or maintained operation. The 15/32-32 bushing model is also available with lever lockout toggle feature or thumb button actuators.

Molded-in terminals seal the contacts against moisture and solder flux wicking. The front-panel side of 15/32-32 bushing models are sealed against water and other liquids per MIL-DTL-83731. In addition to the single turret solder terminal specified in MIL-DTL-83731, we also offer two different lengths of pins for printed circuit soldering.

Mounting hardware provided includes two hex nuts, one lock washer and one keyway washer.

Daniel Jennen
Daniel Jennen
Sales Director, Vice President +49 2152 8955-210