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Switch Joystick

Joysticks are a common solution when selecting a suitable controller. Within this product category there are different designs, which in turn have special features in regard to their usability. The switch joystick, which is a digital joystick, is no exception. In this form, the orientation of the control lever is detected by up to four individual electrical contacts or signal transmitters, whereby the angle or pressure is not measured. Only the states “on” and “off” are transmitted to the control unit. Thus, a 4-bit architecture for information processing is sufficient to determine the direction. Compared to the analog version, digital switch joysticks have a much simpler and more robust design.

Application areas of the switch joystick

Due to the stable construction of the digital switch joystick, it is well suited for harsh environments. That’s why many manufacturers offer dust- and water-protected products according to the IP67 protection class. This design is also associated with a long service life, which often enables motion cycles of up to one million. These control elements are therefore frequently used in the construction industry to control heavy machinery. They are also used in military and maritime technology.