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Information on COVID-19

Dear Business Partners,

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing confusion and uncertainty across the globe. Businesses are attempting to deal with the outbreak by following World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on how to protect workers while continuing to operate normally and service customers.

At ALDERS, we have imposed a work-from-home policy to limit the potential spread of infections. Our warehouse is staffed alternately in order to continue and ensure the dispatch of goods. While we implement our business continuity processes, I want to assure you that we are operating as normal. Our employees are available by email during this time. If we have any questions, we will contact you by phone.

You will continue to receive the exemplary level of service that you expect from ALDERS, and we will be leveraging all the technologies at our disposal to engage and support you. We will be monitoring the situation regularly and updating with any new information.

Our commitment to you during this situation remains as strong as ever. Thank you for your business and stay safe.

Yours sincerely
Martin Alders