OTTO Controls thumbwheel HTWF series hall effect

The HTWF Friction Hold Thumbwheel offers a maintained position, single axis thumbwheel actuator that provides a linear change in voltage output in either direction from center. Options include increasing or decreasing voltage output from the center position to the full travel position, and single or dual (redundant) outputs per axis. The HTWF Thumbwheel has a rocker style snap-in mounting feature to accommodate a 1.47” x 0.710” panel opening. The HTWF provides 250,000 cycle life, full forward/full backward, is sealed to IP68S and offers excellent EMI/RFI immunity and a flow through design. Ideal for heavy equipment, industrial machines or remote control applications.


  • 250,000 cycle life, full forward/full backward with center detent
  • Maintained control positioning, no return to center
  • Hall effect contactless sensing technology
  • Number of output options
  • Choice of bezel & button colours
  • Snaps into 1.47” x 0.710” panel opening
  • Electronics sealed to IP68S
  • Excellent EMI/RFI immunity
  • RoHS compliant

Documents & downloads

Data sheet HTWFHall Effect GuideStandard Switch Guide
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