OTTO Controls grip G3 universal

The G3 Universal Grips can be customized for top-of-the-line machines requiring high switch content, or to provide only basic control function on lower tier units. The OTTO G3 Universal Grips have a modular design and were developed for use with OTTO’s standard pushbuttons, rockers, toggles, Hall effect switches and the JH and JHM series Hall effect joystick. Both the Small Universal Grip and the Medium Universal Grip are easily customized with multiple switch configurations, quickly and without tooling charges. Some of the markets for the G3 Universal Grip include Industrial, Medical, Off-Highway and Transportation.


  • Modular design eliminates the need for tooling charges
  • Compatible with the OTTO JH and JHM series Hall effect Joysticks
  • Small & medium sizes available
  • Accommodates a full line of pushbutton, rocker, toggle, HP Hall effect & HPL proportional output series of switches
  • Various mounting & termination options available
  • Includes mounting adapter with boot ring


Can be used in connection with joystick substructures JH and JHM (more on this under “OTTO Joysticks”)

Documents & downloads

Data sheet G3 seriesHJMG3G3-Grip-ConfiguratorGrip GuideG3-A-Switch-ConfigurationsG3-B-Switch-Configurations


Michael Steves
Michael Steves
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