L3Harris ML1636 LED Indicator Rear Mount

Developed for use as a status indicator, the ML1636 was
designed to survive in the most severe environments. The small
size and rugged package make it ideal for applications where
status indication is critical to the operation of your equipment.
The environmentally sealed case includes an O‑ring panel seal
that insures the integrity of your system. Comes complete with
fluorosilicone O-ring and mounting hardware.


  • Ideal for rugged environments
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Panel mount seal
  • Compact case design
  • Colors: yellow, green, red
  • Compact case design
  • EMI screen option
  • Decorative bezel
  • Case: Aluminum, black anodized, standard. Clear chromate case with EMI screen option.
  • Mounting: Rear‑mount by 5/16″-32 nut and lockwasher
  • O‑ring: Fluorosilicone rubber
  • Vibration: .06″ D.A. or 20 Gs Peak, whichever is less, 10Hz to 2kHz, MIL STD 202, Method 204, Test Condition D
  • Shock: 100 Gs MIL STD 202, Method 213, Test Condition I
  • Moisture Resistance (Humidity): MIL STD 202, Method 106
  • Barometric Pressure (Reduced): 100,000 ft., MIL STD 202, Method 105, Test Condition D
  • Reliability: 3 x 106 hours min. MTBF @ 25°C
  • Salt Atmosphere (Corrosion): MIL STD 202, Method 101, Test Condition B

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Datasheet ML 1636
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