OTTO Controls CAN Keypad

The CAN Keypad is a rugged, programmable, CANbus-enabled controller that can communicate with other CAN Keypads, CAN Rockers and CANbus joysticks on the same network. Its snap-in design allows for easy front mounting—vertically or horizontally—into panels or armrests on heavy equipment and vehicles.

Each of the six buttons has a white backlight LED near the center and three full-color, RGB LEDs on the outer edge. The RGB LEDs, which flash in sync or individually, can be set by CAN messages.

The standard CAN Keypad module ships with a default configuration with pre-specified communications parameters. The standard module can immediately drop into a customer CAN network if the network is designed to accept the default parameters. The module may also be ordered as custom part, pre-configured to customer parameters. Consult with an OTTO salesperson for custom pricing and more information. Refer to User Manual (OTTO P/N: 804486-1).


  • CANbus J1939 and CANopen outputs with integral Deutsch® connector option
  • Easy snap-in design
  • 24-bit RGB LEDs on buttons are software-controllable for color and brightness
  • Custom legends available for buttons
  • Center encoder with pushbutton
  • Separate input and output connector to easily daisy-chain devices
  • Up to 1 million cycles
  • Withstands -40°C to +85°C operating temperatures
  • Sealed to IP68S

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Data sheet CM-R
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Daniel Jennen
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