OTTO Controls pushbutton LP9 series illuminated

The OTTO LP9 Lighted Dome series is a quality precision switch designed for use in panels, control grips, instruments, heavy equipment and other demanding applications where attractive, rugged, lighted pushbutton switches are required.

The LP9 series offers a positive tactile feedback, signaling the operator when the switch is operated with the added benefit of reliable LED illumination. The LP9 series offers four button versions; flush and raised profile with either a glossy or matte finish. It also comes with a threaded case for hex nut mounting while providing a short behind panel depth.

The LP9 series is constructed to meet IP68S watertight seal. Expect 25,000 operations at full rated load of 5 amps resistive or 3 amps inductive; 500,000 operations at 500mA/200mA resistive. These momentary snap-action double break switches are available in standard and low operate forces. The LED is available in six colors and has the ability to accommodate 2 or 12VDC.

Daniel Jennen
Daniel Jennen
Sales Director, Vice President +49 2152 8955-210