OTTO Controls Full Bridge Transducer J2-S4 Series

The strain gauge based transducers of the J2 series provide an analogue output signal proportional to the force applied to the button. The J2-S4 transducer offers a short actuation travel, a full bridge circuit, a concave button shape and a service life of 1 million cycles. The transducer’s technology compensates for external influences, such as temperature, so that it maintains its accuracy even in the most demanding environments. In addition, the J2-S4’s threaded bushing housing provides a secure switch mounting for a variety of control panels.


  • Waterproof to IP68S
  • Full bridge switching
  • Multiple button types available
  • Lifetime of 1 million cycles

Documents & downloads

Data sheet J2J2-S4 Transducer Product Bulletin-080520
Daniel Jennen
Daniel Jennen
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