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Limit-Switches OTTO Controls


The limit switch is an electronic switch element that recognises when a predefined position or change of state is reached in a system and then triggers electrical signals to control or terminate certain functions. One example of the use of a limit switch is to control the end position of a roller shutter door.

There are different types of limit switches (e.g. with roller or rotary levers). Furthermore, the switching contacts can differ (NC contact, NO contact) as well as the housing materials and operating modes.

Limit switches are sensors that are used by the military and in the aerospace industry, for example. They are known as limit switches and offer reliability, safety and enable precise control of machines and systems.

The limit switches of the P6 series from OTTO Controls have an overload protection disc, a base sealed with a glass gasket, an EMI (electromagnetic interference) reducing design and many other features and are manufactured from a one-piece housing.

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