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Multi-way pushbutton

The multi-way pushbutton is an important control element in numerous applications. It is available as a 2-way pushbutton, 3-way pushbutton, 4-way pushbutton and an 8-way pushbutton, among others. Its appliance depends on the domain and the desired range of functions. Multi-way pushbuttons are used primarily in the aviation industry. There they are often found in different specifications on the control handles of airplanes or helicopters. The areas of application include the military, as well as commercial and non-commercial fields. Multi-way pushbuttons are often included in technical devices in fields such as medical technology, manufacturing, agriculture, and the construction industry.

Technically, multi-way pushbuttons are based on the same principle as conventional pushbuttons. The operating element returns to its initial position after actuation. At the same time, a multi-way pushbutton offers more complex and versatile operating possibilities due to its greater functionality.

Multi-way pushbuttons are available in different variants and designs. This is visible from the outside through the numerous different attachments for actuation, which are available for most multi-way pushbuttons. The pushbuttons can be installed or replaced by “snap-in” functionality or by a screw housing. Protection against water and dust is also included in most models and can be adjusted according to the exact application. Various multi-way pushbuttons provide tactile feedback, backlighting or additional push button functionality. Miniature versions are also available.