FES Sensor Technology Hydrogen-Sensor H2-CCT 12C

H2‐CCT I2C is a calorimetric isothermally operated hydrogen sensor with a single catalytically highly active and siloxane‐ resistant sensor element. The operation principle has been qualified for high‐ pressure application.


  • Detection of hydrogen levels up to 100% LEL with 0.25 % resolution in air
  • No sensitivity against typical catalyst poisons such as volatile siloxanes and carbon monoxide
  • Fast response and recovery times
  • No humidity‐induced base line drift
  • Applicable in relative humidity (rh) between 0 % to 100 %
  • Linear output up to 100 % LEL
  • On‐chip Pt1000 element and heater
  • Industrial temperature range from ‐40 °C to +85 °C

Documents & downloads

Specification Sheet H2-CCT I2C Rev. 1.0


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